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Client Testimonials

“Patrick and his team deeply understand the subtle dynamics of family law and the Court system. In my experience with Patrick, I saw him carefully evaluate my case, the participants and the Judge(s) involved to form effective strategies that solved very big divorce and custody problems. I cannot recommend Trope & DeCarolis strongly enough; he has made all the difference in the world for me and my son.” — Mark W. 

“Patrick DeCarolis is the most competent, creative and capable attorney I know. He masterfully represented me in an extremely complex divorce that involved the division of significant assets, international custody & visitation, and issues of probate and capacity. Before hiring Patrick, I interviewed five of the most recognized attorneys in Los Angeles. I chose Patrick because he possesses what I believe to be the single most important quality your advocate should have: focused determination. Other attorneys waste time and money getting caught up in the minutiae. Patrick remained steadfast and unwavering in his commitment to advance my agenda. At a time when I felt confused and uncertain, he steadied me and gave me the altitude to see the bigger picture. Most importantly, Patrick delivered a divorce settlement that actually exceeded my expectations. I am grateful for his presence in my life during such a difficult time.  Whenever I, or someone I know, require legal assistance, I always and only call Trope & DeCarolis.”  — Cynthia D. O. 

“Patrick DeCarolis took over my case from another firm after the results I was getting from the original firm were not satisfactory. Patrick was able to resolve my divorce case in a short turnaround time with professionalism and gave my case top priority.” — T.W.

“Patrick came as a great blessing to me to deal with my complicated case. His support during this difficult process, along with clear guidance, outstanding professional skills and knowledge, inspired great confidence in me and helped me manage successfully through my case. It is nice to work with an honest and reliable lawyer when times get rough. It is important to know that someone representing you understands your circumstances and shows a genuine concern in your case. I would highly recommend Patrick DeCarolis to anyone to represent them in any divorce matter.”  — N.K.

“Patrick DeCarolis is an excellent strategist from the standpoint of understanding when to press an issue with the other party, or with the judge, and when to pull back. When we first went into court, several people passed us in the hallways and paused to tell me what a great lawyer I had.  Over time I have come to understand that it is not so much his lawyering abilities that make him a fine attorney but rather his character and honesty. Some lawyers thrive on inciting the parties against one another; this is how they earn their fees. Trope & DeCarolis do the exact opposite, providing good counsel that leads to an expedient and successful outcome. In my case, where the other party vehemently opposed me having time with my children, I ultimately ended up with primary custody of my kids, and we were able to settle the financial matters out of court. Patrick has provided tremendous support and friendship throughout what was a trying ordeal. I highly recommend his firm to anyone seeking assistance in family law.” — David K. 

“Patrick DeCarolis changed our lives. He has the talent to understand your story. He actually listens and cares, which ultimately gave me the trust I needed to get through a long drawn-out custody battle which resulted in obtaining custody of my son. Being that Patrick is a family man, he not only identifies with my issues and concerns, but has also made me feel as if I was his only client. Patrick doesn’t miss a beat and is detail oriented. His courtroom style is humble, yet informative…always knowing what will be around the corner. It is not easy to go through legal puzzles consisting of trials and tribulations, but with Patrick’s representation, he has the ability to make you feel safe.”  — R.D.  

“One would think that having a legal Prenuptial Agreement, agreed upon and signed by both parties before marriage, would make for a simple divorce. But anyone can challenge any agreement, which is what happened to me when my husband left. I thank Patrick DeCarolis every day for not only knowing the law, but suggesting what the Petitioner’s strategy was as the case progressed, keeping me advised of all my options, and adhering to my wishes along the way. It’s not just about practicing the law. It is about uncovering the right evidence — as unimportant as a personal letter may have seemed to me — and presenting it in such a manner that it can only draw one conclusion, all in my favor. 
Thank you to Patrick, and all the fine support at Trope & DeCarolis for guiding me through such a difficult period in my life with wisdom, empathy and yes, even a laugh or two.” — Gail R., Redondo Beach